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Knowledge Gaps: Let’s Get Nursing Research Priorities Straight

The Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium (NREBPS) will hold its 11th Annual Symposium November 7-8, 2019 in Colchester, Vermont at the Hampton Inn. NREBPS invites you to submit an abstract in either of the three categories:

Nursing Research
Evidence-Based Practice
Quality Improvement

The Symposium will explore the Nursing Research, EBP and QI dynamic which promotes nursing practice and positive outcomes. This is your opportunity to participate as an oral or poster presenter at the region’s 11th Annual Nursing Research and  Evidence-Based Practice Symposium.

Respond to the Call today!


Contact the

Julie Basol

Symposium Director

(802) 598-7424


There are 3 parts to responding to the Call:

PART I: ONLINE FORM, for both ORAL and POSTER submissions. As primary author, complete the following online form with your contact information; co-presenter names, short content, and 2-3 research references. To access the online form (to be completed in one sitting), click here. We recommended that you peruse the entire form, gather your information, then cut/paste into the appropriate spaces.

 PART II: CONFLICT OF INTEREST FORM  In addition to completing the (Part I) online form, a Conflict of Interest (COI) is required. This form [ciick here] is required for all primary authors (oral or poster presenters).

PART III: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION  A one-page abstract is to be created in Word and emailed (with Part II) to Julie Basol, Symposium Director ( In the subject line, include the words: 'Abstract Submission' and your last name. (ex. Abstract Submission, Jones)

Abstract Formatting & Guidelines:

 a. One page, 8.5”x11”

b. 12 Times Roman font

c.  One inch margins all around

d.  Use the following headings for your abstract:

Title, Authors:· 

Purpose & Background:

· Methods:

· Results:

· Discussion/Conclusions:

· Next Steps:

Abstract guidelines, rating criteria & More:

The Planning Committee expects that each abstract submitter has obtained any necessary local institutional approval(s), e.g. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, to conduct their research study or quality improvement project. If you have questions regarding IRB approval, check within your own organization’s process.

Information in the body of the abstract should be blinded to identity of persons and locations.  For example, subjects were recruited from a “rural teaching hospital” vs. the given name of the hospital. Ratings criteria.

 Submissions will be acknowledged on a regular basis. After completing PART I online, email PARTS II & III to:

Julie Basol, Symposium Director at:

In the subject line, include the words: 'Abstract Submission' and your last name. (ex. Abstract Submission, Jones)

The DEADLINE for responding to the Call is
Friday, June 28.

 MENTORS are available to assist you with the development of your abstract. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about assistance well before the deadline for submission.

Questions? Contact Julie Basol, Symposium Director: 802.598.7424

2019 Symposium Co-Chairs:

·         “Great venue and I look forward to this YEAR’S event. Mary and Jess did a great job putting on thE SYMPOSIUM LAST YEAR. I feel fortunate to have attended and learned something for sure!” 2018 ATtendee

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In its 11th year, the Annual Symposium continues to showcase a sampling of the meaningful work that nurses are investigating to improve healthcare outcomes. Whether you practice at the bedside, in a patient’s home, in a clinic, or as an educator or nurse leader, the Symposium offers opportunities to network and learn about novel practice approaches.

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